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In Memory of Our Fallen Brothers
Chris Blackwell - Ray Meisenheimer - Don Regan - Gerry Schrang
Tom Foley - Tom Gambino - Joe Spor - Brian Hickey R4
Never Forgotten

The officers, members & families of Rescue Co. 3 wish to thank all who have shown support during the years. Your kindness and generosity, in all facets, have overwhelmed all of us. Your support will never replace what has been taken away from us, however, it does show the families of our fallen brothers, members of Rescue Co. 3 and all the world, that there is love out there & that people do care. Thank you.

The Officers & Members of Rescue Co. 3

Rest In Peace Ret. FDNY Lt. Joey Di Bernardo Jr. Rescue 3.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Di Bernardo Family, his Friends.

A documentary about Firefighter Thomas J. Foley will make its debut in September 2011. Learn More and Watch a Preview at:

On June 1, 2010 the Annual Memorial Mass held in our new quarters. We dedicated our memorial wall. Great job by the members of Big Blue. We had a great turnout from our families and former members.

Rescue Company 3 honors their "Blue Leader," Captain James Ellson, the winner of the Honor Legion Medal for the rescue of a cilivian during a fast moving fire at 1113 Sheridan Ave. in the Bronx on August 7, 2009.
Photo by John Cetrino

Chief of Department Cassano and former Rescue 3 member Tom McTigue in front of the Rescue 3 Bug at City Hall on Medal Day 2009.
Photo by John Cetrino

Rescue 3's Roof team on Bronx Box 22-2800. Tom Conroy with the saw and Steve Kearney with the rope make their way to the roof of this 3 story frame at 1807 Gleason Avenue and Taylor Avenue.
Photo by Matt Daly

The roof opened up on Bronx Box 22-2800 at Gleason Avenue and Taylor Avenue.
Photo by Matt Daly

Firefighter Bob Ryan returns to the rig after operating at Box 22-2800.
Photo by Matt Daly

On Nov. 23, 2008 Tower Ladder 31 positioned in front of a row of 3 story frames on Bronx Box 33-2504 at 952 Rogers Place and 165th Street. The fire started in the middle building and extended via the shafts to exposures 2 and 4. This fast moving fire was controlled with handlines.
Photo by Matt Daly

Captain James Ellson, Rescue 3, with Retired Captain James Ellson, SOC.
The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree!

Photo by Matt Daly

The members of Big Blue returning from a "job" in Harlem stopped in front of the new Yankee Stadium for a group shot on April 2, 2009. From left to right; Firefighters Bob Knabbe, Dan Barry, Jeremy Cassell, Lt. John Citarella, Firefighters Paul Pastos,
and Tom Fredette.

Firefighter Bob Andersen rescues Firefighter Rich Bailey in an
ice rescue drill at Crotona Park in winter of 2009.

Photo by Matt Daly

On January 25,2009 Bronx Box 22-3182 was transmitted at 155 East 182 Street and Grand Concourse. A top floor fire in this 5 story occupied M.D. had a good head start in the cockloft. Mutiple handlines, aggressive roof operations, and a lot of hooks operating on the top floor were used to bring this 2 alarm fire to a successful conclusion.
Photo by Matt Daly

Big Blue members covered with blown in insulation from Bronx Box 22-3182 (left to right): Captain Joe Jardin, Firefighters Jim Lennox, Bob Andersen, Bob Knabbe, Paul Pastos, and Rich Bailey.
Photo by Matt Daly

Firefighters Bob Ryan (with back to camera), Pat McKenna, and Tom Fredette critique operations at Bronx Box 3125 at 1985 Webster Avenue on February 8,2009.
Photo by Matt Daly

On March 11, 2009 a Signal 10-77 (fire in a high rise residental building) was transmitted for Bronx Box 75-4723 at 20 Richmond Plaza.
Photo by Matt Daly

Lt. Kevin "Mayhem" Williams of Rescue 3 is congratulated on 30 years with the FDNY by Captain Joe Principio (35 years) of Ladder 58. Congratulations Kevin!
Photo by Matt Daly

Firefighter Dan Barry of Rescue 3 assists a small child from the building at this daytime fire occurred in an occupied 5 mutiple dwelling on
Bronx Box 22-3675 at White Plains Road and 222nd Street.

Photo by Matt Daly

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On September 11, 2001 an Alarm was Received at the Quarters of Rescue Co. 3. Eight Men boarded the Apparatus. They Never Returned.
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